Building Effective Research Collaborations Workshop

I led a group of 4 Caltech graduate students (Apurva Badithela, Marcus Lee, Tori Lee, and Jennifer J. Sun) in designing a workshop for teaching graduate students how to have healthier and more productive research collaborations. By the end of the workshop, we hoped students would be able to: 1) Identify important things to reflect upon and talk about in research collaborations 2) Understand how to frame their language when communicating. 3) Find and use Caltech resources effectively.

The five workshop modules:
  1. Communication Skills, Marcus Lee.
  2. Conflict Prevention, Karena Cai.
  3. Conflict Management, Jennifer J. Sun.
  4. Authorship, Karena Cai.
  5. Self Reflection and Improvement, Apurva Badithela.

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